Top three quirky features of today's office 

Getting personal with office design

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in order to make a living, you need to go to work. But no one ever said it had to be boring, did they? Once a luxury afforded only to the likes of Google, whose only goal – according to one spokesperson – is “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world”, it seems more and more companies are trying to inject some fun into their offices, and being the good Samaritans that we are, we’d thought we’d share the best of the best with you!


Whether it’s to arrive for a meeting in style, get to lunch first or use it as an escape route for end of play (quite literally, in this case), the fact of the matter is you’re never too old for a slide.

Chill zones

Ok, so maybe slides are not a realistic option for everyone, but something every office can – and should – accommodate (yes, even yours) are areas are funky areas whose sole purpose is for employees to relax in. Of course, you can decide whether yours will feature some bright chairs and cushions, a coffee table and some magazines, or whether you will go all-out and also include a large TV and gaming area (think foosball and table tennis), but no matter how you decide to do it, this should be a priority for the wellbeing of you and your staff.


For the two and a half days a year we have sunshine/it doesn’t rain, it’s really very nice – if you can do so – to invest some TLC into an outside area. Countless studies have pointed to a relationship between plants and a boost in productivity, so pop up to the rooftop so see what greenery you can inject into it. Some companies have even taken this one step further, bringing the outdoors in, so to speak, with toadstool-inspired seats, birdsong audio soothingly played and the smells of woodland to stimulate the senses.

As Paula Taylor, stylist at wallpaper manufacturers, Graham & Brown, tells us: “Gone are the days of the boring office cubes as more and more companies opt for a more quirky office design. Making sure your office is thoroughly planned out comes with many benefits such as increased productivity and better employee well-being.


“The modern office understands that sitting in a stuffy office all day can seriously reduce lifespan. We need to make sure we take into account natural lighting and better air quality. Having a work-space that also engages your employees, whether this is through social activity or just better working conditions will lead to a much more empowered and in turn efficient workforce”.


Life’s too short for ‘what ifs’; embrace your very own sliding doors moment – quite literally – and you’ll never look back.


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